Have better Compliance, Cost savings and Control over your international shipments.

Customs Clearance from Custom Brokerage: Be confident in your import/export compliance and reliability.

Logistics & Distribution: Full logistics services for transportation and distribution including bonded warehouses in Laredo and El Paso, Texas.

NAFTA + Value + Reconciliation & NAFTA Refunds: NAFTA reconciliation, Value reconciliation and Both NAFTA & VALUE reconciliation for the same entries. Do not lose your NAFTA refunds on reconciliation. Pedraza can refund your NAFTA duties and do Value reconciliations for the same entry. We can also do NAFTA 520d’s for refund of NAFTA duties.

Consulting & NAFTA Certificate Tracking: Consulting for you trade operations. Pedraza can solicit NAFTA Certificates and track NAFTA Certificates to insure compliance.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ): If you need a FTZ warehouse or a reliable customs broker to handle your admissions into the FTZ, entries and transfers out of the FTZ, Pedraza has the experience and knowledge.

"It is our job, to make your job easier" here at Pedraza Customhouse Brokers, Inc. and to give your company the most cost effective way to manage your international logistics. Backed by 25 years’ experience, reliability and accuracy, your success is Pedraza’s priority. Let us help you with all aspects of your business from customs clearance, warehouse/distribution and transportation.